The Onitsha 16th October inferno



What they want, they have seen all in the name of making money from contracts & sycophancy.

Sometime late last year or early this year, a low bed trailer carrying gigantic equipment hit the pedestrian bridge at MCC Onitsha. This resulted in slight shift of about ± 5inches on a slabbed segment of the bridge. This was reported & inspected by whoever then & concluded it pose no threat, since it pedestrian bridge with no much weight on it.

*Last week, on the 7th or there about, we wake up to see camera men & Julius beger construction company filming & pointing at the bridge, meaning it has turn to contract. They pack sands in bags lay them at the 2 sides of the highly busy & eastern gate way road of Nigeria, (There by narrowing the express way, causing so much traffic & suffering to people) plying the high & express way.

* Today to my amazement, they closed the highway in the morning during the pick usage of road, diverting every vehicle to the service lane. When I saw this, I know something will definitely happen then or later.
1) why doing the work at pick traffics hour.
2) no proper arrangements to clear the commercial loading & offloading parks at the service lane, to accommodate the high flow of traffic diverted to it, and to give room for the systematic negotiations of long trucks at the point of switching back to the highway.
3) no arrangement to expand the culvert rings for switching back to the highway after the diversion, to accommodate long trucks.

A long truck carry full load of Diesel (33,000 liters, I presume). Coming down from Zik:s round about, diverted to the service lane with barest minimum speed, wanted to switch over to the highway after the blocked area, the driver could not get enough space to negotiate (due to parks, bus step, hawkers & more especially keke riders, who had blocked ¼ of the road), back to the highway, was trying his best to do that when one of the tanker tire slipped & fell inside the drainage, resulting in tilting & subsequently complete falling of the tanker, thus fire outbreak and free flow of the diesel in the drainage from MCC bus stop till it get to Ochanja and emodi street.
With drainage blocked & filled with plastics, sachet water bags, disposable take away packs, & etc, it was an igniter & support to the racing diesel fire in the drainagec causing damages and havoc as it race down in the drainages.

The fire fighter men that came, can’t do much (if am asked), since they are not equipped to handle such( water won’t do anything to the burning diesel).

This is the second time a similar incidence has happened in Onitsha. The other is at DMGS round about.

Till today, 80% of the victims are yet to be compensated as announced & promised by the government. Today they have started again. Avenue to syphons & loot government money, all in the name of relief & compensation.

In all when the fire broke out, the people that closed the highway (Julius beger), opened the same road and took off.

May the souls of those that lost their life, rest in peace, Amen. May those that lost their loved one, be consoled & encouraged to bear the lost.

In all

16th Oct 2019
Black Wed In Onitsha Anambra state.

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